What is the Tulia Homes concept in a nutshell?

Tulia Homes is a controlled development gated community featuring 10 quarter acre plots and 26 half acre plots. We have adopted a hybrid concept which gives residents the off-plan option or simply buy a plot and build in accordance with our building guidelines. These guidelines are captured under the special conditions section of the sale agreement. We are keen on building a community of like-minded residents. The project is set out in a uniquely quiet environment dominated by the soothing sounds of birds and the blue Indian ocean waters. Residents must therefore be prepared to adhere to living in a serene, quiet neighborhood where tranquility is the key value which binds all residents together. 

What are the basic services being offered at Tulia?
  1. Perimeter wall
  2. Swimming pool for residents and children’s playground
  3. Fresh water from the Kilifi water authority
  4. Electricity termination at the estate utility plot
  5. Garbage collection
  6. Security
Will the residents be charged service charge?

Yes, there will be a modest service charge for recurring services to the residents including garbage collection, security, swimming pool maintenance etc. We are yet to work out the exact amount but we are sure it will be very modest and absolute value for money.

What duration does the developer allow for a plot to remain undeveloped?

A maximum of 3 years from the sale agreement execution date. In the meantime, plot owners are required to keep their plots clear of bushes which could harbor mosquitoes, rodents or undesirable intruders. A modest service charge on idle land will be levied 6 months after the sale agreement execution date.

What is your source of water and how will residents access it?

The developer is co-ordinating with the Kilifi water authority to supply fresh water to every household. The developer will also avail borehole water for construction at a modest fee. Residents will be at liberty to prospect for borehole water to supplement the fresh water supply.

Can residents construct internal security walls for their plots?

No, this is not allowed. The developer will put up a perimeter wall. Security will be enhanced both at the estate entrance and vigilant patrol in the estate. In order to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the estate, we only allow picket fences as defined in the sale agreement.

Are there any plans to rope in an Internet Service Provider?

Indeed we have given the first rights of refusal to Safaricom. Their fibre cable is only 350 meters from Tulia Homes. They have already sent a preliminary technical team for assessment and they have confirmed their interest in undertaking the project. This is however subject to them attaining the minimum materialization numbers.

What is the maximum height allowed for a house?

The maximum levels of building and or construction allowed are two floors. That is to say ground floor and not more than one (1) floor up. In any case, the building or structure must not surpass the height of 8 meters from the Average Graded Ground Level. The height limit includes structures like parasols, arms awnings, sail shades and canopies.

How far is Tulia Homes from the beach?

Tulia is only 10 minutes walk to the famous uncluttered fine sandy beach of Kuruwitu.

Which is the shortest route to the Mombasa - Malindi highway?

The Shariani road is the shortest. The highway is only 1.3 Km away.

How far is the upcoming shopping mall by centum?

The shopping mall is only 5.7 Km using the Shariani route.

How far is Vipingo Ridge golf and airstrip from Tulia homes?

These facilities are only 6 Km from Tulia Homes.

How far is Mombasa town from Tulia Homes?

From Tulia Homes to Mombasa is 29 Km.

Do you have any financing arrangement?

Yes. We have partnered with Sidian bank for this purpose. The bank will accept Tulia Homes title documents as collaterals for those who wish to apply for a loan facility. Contact us for more information.

What payment duration is the bank offering?

Sidian bank is offering up to 5 years payment period.

What payment plan is Vipingo Properties Co. Ltd giving?

10% upon execution of sale agreement, balance to be cleared within 90 days.

What are the facilities and amenities within a 5 km radius?
  1. Mega shopping mall by Centum. This is at an advanced stage of construction, to be completed by end of 2021.
  2. Vipingo Airstrip featuring daily flights to and from Wilson Airport, Nairobi.
  3. Vipingo Ridge Golf Course. This is one of the few PGA golf courses in Africa.
  4. Kuruwitu fine sandy beach, jsut 10 minutes walk from Tulia.
  5. Ronald Ngala Utalii campus, super structure is already complete.
  6. Kijipwa flying school.
  7. State of the art hospital and school by centum. This is part of their masterplan, though the construction has not started, all indications are that they will commence soon.
What other activities can residents engage in within the neighborhood?
  1. One of the access roads to Tulia provides an excellent tree canopy ideal for jogging or biking any time of the day. You do not have to wait for the sun to go down.
  2. Fish and seafood lovers will enjoy a cordial relationship with the local fishermen. The fish collection center is only 10 minutes walk from Tulia Homes. Make your standing order there and you will never run short of fresh fish and seafood supply.
What is the nature of the local community?

The local community is predominantly engaged in fishing for their livelihood. The natives are peace loving by nature and are keen to welcome visitors to their neighborhood. Vipingo Properties Co. Ltd has cultivated a very cordial relationship with the natives over years. Residents of Tulia Homes will certainly enjoy the goodwill benefits attributed to this relationship.